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Use This Power To Make Things Happen

February 21, 2007

Dream girl, dream boy, dream house, dream job, dream car, dream vacation, dream wedding…I can go on with a list of dreams forever. Whatever it is that we dream of and no matter how many or how little those dreams are the most pressing problem for almost everyone is how to achieve those dreams that they often times drop out at the third stride upon seeing how long and tedious the journey would be towards achieving them. “I can’t become a company president.” “I can’t get a job. I don’t have a college degree.” “I can’t swim.” “I can’t sell.” The world is full of it. Ironically, what these objections really mean are the opposite – “I want to become a company president.” “I want a good job.” “I want to swim the ocean.” “I want to sell something.” It’s so sad that just as our enthusiasm start to build up as we contemplate about our dreams or goals, potential hindrances get in the way almost instantly.

Yes, the desire to get what we want in life has always been there with us. But the question really is “Just how big and definite is that desire?” Is the desire huge and definite enough to influence us to really, really, really go for it despite the obstacles? Just how much do you want to translate your desire into reality?

To follow, without halt, one’s aim: There’s the secret of success. – Ana Pavlova

Desire is the seat of all power. It’s the ultimate key to personal success. With desire

• wars were waged to conquer a coveted land or a coveted seat in the monarchy or government
• people set out to build empires.
• successful people make things happen

To illustrate just how powerful desire is let me recount in my own words an inspiring story about a man who desired to work with Thomas Edison based on the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Edwin C. Barnes was, in the words of Edison himself “…like an ordinary Tramp.” Barnes was a commoner with a common desire to work with a prominent person. But what set him apart from people who merely desired was that his desire was definite. It was clear to him what he wanted. He didn’t want to work for Edison – he wanted to work with him. But before he set out to achieve his goal two adversaries stood in his way. First, he did not know Edison nor did Edison know him. Second, Barnes did not have enough money to pay for the train that would take him to Orange, New Jersey where Edison was at the time. But did these difficulties discourage Barnes to carry out his desire? No. He did set out to meet Edison and worked with him, eventually. You see, at first, although Edison saw that Barnes had made up his mind to stand by until he succeeded and that he gave him the opportunity to get what he asked for, Barnes worked for Edison for a minimum wage. Yet, nothing stopped Barnes in achieving the coveted goal of working with Edison. He persisted until opportunity presented itself one day and Barnes, on the prowl, seized it instantaneously! After Edison perfected the Edison Dictating Machine, his salesmen did not warm up to it. Barnes saw gold when everyone else saw crap. He knew he could sell the machine. And sell he did with passion and great enthusiasm, keeping an eye on his goal. He sold it so successfully that Edison gave him a contract of distributorship with the entire US his for the taking! His business association with Edison not only made him wealthy, he inevitably achieved his goal of working with Edison.

With a clear and persistent desire Barnes got what he wanted despite the many hindrances that could have dispirited him at first step. He turned his desire into a reality. He made things happen! Do you think you could do the same? Don’t you dare think that Barnes’ success story is like nothing else. You know so well as much as I do that the world is full of such stories. Now, sit for a while and know exactly what you want. Make it clear and make it specific.

Strong desire is an essential motivation to all successful people. If desire makes things happen for many successful people why shouldn’t it make things happen for you? Because unlike Mr. Barnes, our desires most of the time are not definite and burning enough.

What is it that you really so strongly and definitely desire?

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Gratitude + the Law of Attraction = Plentitude

February 10, 2007

The Power of Gratitude

When you’re thankful for something, no matter how small it is, you’re initiating the law of attraction to get even more of what you want–and deserve. Everyone deserves to have plenty, and there’s plenty to go around. But sometimes we have a deep-seated, even subconscious, belief that we don’t deserve to have more. And sometimes we don’t even appreciate what we do have! Both types of negative thinking conspire to force the law of attraction to work against us, manifesting scarcity.

Gratitude + the Law of Attraction = Plentitude

No matter what you have, be thankful for it! This is a basic principle underlying the law of attraction. Even if all you have is the shirt on your back, be grateful for it. Your gratefulness will allow the law of attraction to pave the way for getting even more of your needs and desires fulfilled.

Think of all the simple things we have to be thankful for, which we too often overlook: having plenty of clothing, having a roof over our heads, having enough food–the list goes on and on! If you practice gratitude every day with a long list of your basic needs that are fulfilled, you’re setting the law of attraction in motion to guarantee that your needs and desires are always met. In addition to being grateful for your basic needs always being met, you can also give thanks for life’s little victories: getting a great evaluation from your boss, your child earning all A’s and B’s, winning the radio station contest for concert tickets.

But have you ever noticed that some people complain about every little thing that goes wrong? And have you noticed that such people always have little things going wrong? That’s because their complaining is setting up the law of attraction to work against them. If the furnace breaks and you’re whopped with an unexpected $300 furnace repair bill, don’t chronically complain. Complaining won’t make it go away. Rather, use the law of attraction to focus on the positive: be grateful that you have $300 in your checking account to pay for the repair!

If you constantly focus on the negative instead of the positive–on what you don’t have instead of what you do have–the law of attraction and the universe will conspire to adjust your attitude by taking away some of your basic needs. All of a sudden an unexpected $400 auto repair bill will be added to that furnace repair bill!

The power of gratitude is simply using the law of attraction to focus on what you do have instead of what you don’t have. This will help you reap more of what you need and want!

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David Hooper is founder of the Guide for Living Institute, a think tank designed to help people enjoy life. His new book on Law of Attraction is available at or can be downloaded free of charge at